Monday, March 22, 2010

Showing up late to the Party

39 Squares. What can I say. I ran into this while clicking through different links on blogs and quite honestly I have NO idea how I ended on this page. I can say though is that without much hesitation I decided this project was for me! I have now completed two squares and started my third. While this is quite time consuming it is rather addicting!! So with that being said here is my first picture!!

A Wedding Gift

Part of the reason for this blog is to chronicle my projects. To be able to look back and see progress, hopefully!, and new skills and techniques is an exciting idea. I have a few I need to log, and as I get time to I will add them.

This is a quilt I made for my Brother and his Wife. They got married this past summer. As a couple that prefer to live simply and waste nothing, I came up with the idea of a quilt. My grandma taught me to quilt growing up so it is a skill I know, and I am one of two she taught so I think its pretty special that I know. Having not made anything in a long time I was VERY rusty. I first made a quilt for myself, a king sized one but well get to that later :), on that project I ironed out the kinks and managed to put together a pretty successful gift. I can see flaws myself, but to the normal eye I do think it is quite alright! So for pictures.. Unfortunately I didnt get a good one of the quilt but the photographer did take a picture of them both in their wedding attire holding up the quilt. Hopefully one day I can add that to this.
Hand embroidered names

The Back.